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List of Datasets Maintained by Datamint
Data is widely accessible for Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, and Arbitrum. In addition, there is limited data accessible for other EVM chains
MEV Activity Detection
Protocol Developers: Identify vulnerabilities and areas of improvement within your protocols using MEV detection tools. This information is crucial for maintaining and enhancing the security and functionality of DeFi platforms.
Researchers: Study the DeFi landscape using MEV data to gain insights into market dynamics, trading strategies, and the behavior of market participants. Contribute to a better understanding of the DeFi ecosystem.
Traders and Arbitrageurs: Make more informed decisions by understanding the presence of MEV activities. Adjust your strategies to mitigate risks and potentially profit from detected opportunities.
Investors: Gain confidence in the transparency and security of the ecosystem, potentially attracting more capital to the space.
Security Auditors: Use MEV detection as part of your auditing process to identify vulnerabilities and potential security risks in DeFi protocols.
DeFi Derivatives Data
Dive deep into the world of DeFi Derivatives Data. With our expertise in major perpetual protocols like GMX and dYdX, we're your trusted source for all things DeFi derivatives. Our datasets cover a wide spectrum, including position lists, events, profit and loss estimates, traders' scoring, and analysis of players' strategies. We also provide insights into liquidity available on these platforms. But what makes this data truly essential?
Monitoring Market Sentiment: By keeping an eye on data like funding rates, traders and investors can gauge market sentiment. Positive funding rates may signal bullish sentiment, while negative rates could hint at bearishness.
Liquidity Provision: Liquidity providers need derivatives data to determine where their assets can be most profitably deployed. Knowing trading volumes and liquidity on derivatives markets is critical for effective liquidity provision.
Arbitrage Opportunities: DeFi derivatives data is the key to identifying arbitrage opportunities between different exchanges or trading pairs, potentially capitalizing on price disparities.
Risk Management: DeFi derivatives data empowers users to assess and manage risks associated with their DeFi positions. Traders and investors can stay ahead of potential market movements and adjust their strategies accordingly.
Leverage Trading: Many DeFi derivatives allow for leverage trading. Traders seeking to amplify their positions rely on accurate data to manage their leveraged positions effectively.
Price Discovery: Derivatives markets are goldmines of price information. Traders leverage this data to gauge market sentiment, anticipate price changes, and make informed trading decisions in the spot market.
Oracles Performance Data
When you explore our Oracle Performance Data, we offer our clients comprehensive lists of primary oracle contracts identified by asset addresses. Moreover, they gain entry to historical oracle pricing records and the advantage of divergence metrics, which calculate variations between on-chain and off-chain pricing data feeds. Oracle Performance Data is the cornerstone of a robust DeFi ecosystem. Here's why:
Smart Contract Optimization: DeFi developers can optimize smart contracts by leveraging this data to select the most reliable oracles for their applications.
Price Analysis: Traders and investors can utilize this data to analyze price feeds' historical performance and assess their reliability.
Risk Mitigation: DeFi platforms rely on oracles to make critical decisions. Understanding oracle performance is vital to assess and mitigate risks related to asset pricing.
Divergence Insights: Divergence analysis helps in understanding the variance between on-chain and off-chain pricing. This is crucial for making informed investment decisions.

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