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Value-added blockchain data provider

Who can benefit from the public blockchain data?

Launch visual analytics tools for clients and investors
Satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements.
Calculate KPIs and indices.
Extract full data regarding any financial transactions – trades, liquidity, asset launch and transfer.
Financial institutions
Sell anonymized and aggregated usage data to advertisers, traders and researchers
Provide analytics to your clients as part of your value proposition
Know your client better with Ethereum address profiling
Get clear view of the market for your services: know your competitors – what they do and how much they earn.
Innovative FinTech companies
Automate your highly customized metrics
Verify third-party data sources independently
Stand out from the crowd where everybody uses the same signals
Make decisions based on data, not on your gut feeling
Top performing traders

Blockchain data is public, but it is not fully transparent

Most of blockchain entities are marked only by keys like “0xb2C3…98a3”. It takes a lot of reverse engineering to truly understand who and why is doing something on blockchain.
Blockchain grows fast – gigabytes every day. Efficient analysis requires expensive infrastructure, DevOps/R&D staff and optimized data processing pipelines.
For most state data like, for example, account balance at the certain point of time, you have to re-run all smart contract calls from genesis – which can take weeks to accomplish

Blockchain metadata is extremely limited

Blockchain data is huge

Blockchain describes changes, not state

Our tools empower blockchain business

Building custom data applications and products based on blockchain data – dashboards, real-time and historical APIs, calculation engines, etc.

Custom Development

Existing node infrastructure and optimized data warehouse that accelerates reporting and development by factor of x4-x10.

Blockchain Data Engine

Support for all entities – DEX trades, staking, tokens, NFTs, gaming, bridges, CEX gateways, etc.
Fast and accurate blockchain data research customized to your needs.

On-chain Research