Custom development of data-driven products


Massively reduce your time-to-market with Datamint’s custom development services. Let us be your partner in building data extraction, analysis and visualization blockchain tools and services

On-chain Research

All Uniswap V1/V2/V3 compatible DEXes on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon and Arbitrum
Full liquidity history including special data mart for Uniswap V3 concentrated liquidity
All trades including aggregators, custom contracts, sniping/arbitrage bots
case 1
Historical and real-time DEX trades data extraction with best-in-the-market data quality:

Uniswap V3 Liquidity Provision

Custom analytics on profitable LPs and pools
Unique backtested strategies for liquidity provision
Impermanent loss minimization and protection
Identifying successful pools and liquidity providers, building strategies to maximize LP returns:
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Custom On-chain Trading Solutions

Sophisticated trading algorithms
Custom node modification
Real-time data and oracles
Perfomance monitoring and portfolio management
case 2
A range of tailored tools and functionalities designed to facilitate trading directly on the blockchain:

Typical Datamint Services Use-cases

DeFi indices for institutional investors
In the realm of crypto technology, there arise numerous scenarios where the utilization of readily accessible data providers proves impractical. Common instances of data-related challenges our clients often seek to address include: excessive delays in obtaining real-time data, the intricate nature of handling raw blockchain data, inadequate query performance for historical queries, exorbitant costs associated with a high volume of requests, and the complexities involved in integration.

Datamint team stands ready to assist in tackling these challenges. Our expert engineers possess the capability to furnish comprehensive solutions for a diverse array of use-cases centered around on-chain data.