Custom development of data-driven products


Massively reduce your time-to-market with Datamint’s custom development services. Let us be your partner in building data extraction, analysis and visualization blockchain tools and services.

Current Datamint services use-cases are below

Historical and real-time DEX trades data extraction with best-in-the-market data quality:
case 1
All trades including aggregators, custom contracts, sniping/arbitrage bots
Full liquidity history including special data mart for Uniswap V3 concentrated liquidity
All Uniswap V1/V2/V3 compatible DEXes on Ethereum and BSC blockchains

On-chain Research

Creating analytics system to assess and score NFT collections and NFT traders:
case 2
Gaming NFT statistics
Ethereum address profiling (based on full txn history)
Profitability monitoring (who profits and who loses)
NFT trades (direct and marketplace-based)

NFT Marketplace Aggregator

case 3
Building data infrastructure for monitoring key GameFi performance indicators:
Monitoring game updates – replacement of smart contracts, parameter changes
Financial metrics – ATV, ARPDAU, ARPPU
In-game statistics – MAU, DAU, retention/churn, specialized metrics (e.g. for in-game NFTs)

GameFi Developer