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We provide custom DeFi research based on on-chain data. Leveraging extensive experience in the DeFi space and unparalleled technical abilities, we can satisfy virtually any requirement.

Find below public examples of our research.

Exploring the Dynamics of Uniswap V3 Liquidity Distribution
This research, conducted in partnership with Grantfin, dives deep into Liquidity Provision on Uniswap V3, shedding light on its intricacies and value potential.

We not only apply the powerful liquidity heatmap visualization technique, but also identify major outliers in liquidity provision behaviour. Then we work on deciphering the rationale behind this behaviour to gain insights for building a successful concentrated liquidity provisioning strategy.

Read the full research in our post on Medium.
Price Arbitrage for DeFi Derivatives
The research focuses on the price oracle performance and its implications on derivatives trading in the moment of the crash of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Our research aims to shed light on the potential for price arbitrage in decentralized finance (DeFi) derivatives markets. We've analyzed the performance of price oracles and their impact on derivatives trading.

Results have been presented at CryptoEx'23 in Dubai. View the full paper text at the IEEE website.
Verification of the Public Uniswap V3 TVL Numbers
Uniswap is the largest DeFi project on Ethereum so how is it possible that Uniswap V3 user interface displays two significant measures such as liquidity and TVL with major errors?

In our recent research we calculated total Uniswap v3 TVL as $3,14b vs $11,8b reported by the official website. There is a huge discrepancy between two numbers considering that TVL is used daily by thousands of liquidity providers for their investing strategies.

Read about our findings in our post on Medium.

Flash Arbitrage Market Research on BNB Smart Chain

This research named as Datamint Arbitrage Monitor is an initiative that increases transparency of flash arbitrage operations on BNB Smart Chain and simultaneously demonstrates the power of the on-chain data analytics.

Use the demo dashboard to explore the size and structure of the BSC flash arbitrage market, learn more about competition and find opportunities. Read more about our findings in our post on Medium.

Contact Us to Request Your Own Research

Typically, our research process starts with an initial discussion with the client. During this consultation, we outline the research's scope and, in many instances, can provide a preliminary assessment of its feasibility and complexity. Following this conversation, we generate a comprehensive proposal and estimate within a span of 2-3 days. The majority of our research projects are finalized within a timeframe of 2-12 weeks.